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Jaw Problems in Gatley

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61 Dental
61 Church Road, Gatley, Stockport SK8 4NG

General Treatments » Jaw Problems/TMD/Bruxism

At 61 Dental, we know that good dental health is about more than just your teeth. Pain and discomfort in the jaw often has its roots in dental problems. One condition affecting the jaw is TMD, which can cause discomfort in the jaw, surrounding muscles and joints. Symptoms include jaw pain and a clicking jaw. Visit our TMD page for more information about the full symptoms, causes and treatments available for TMD.

Paul Ager, our lead dentist at 61 Dental, is a TMD specialty dentist who has a keen interest and much many years of experience in treating the condition. He accepts many referrals from dentists whose patients are experiencing the symptoms TMD, knowing that with Paul's experience he can successfully diagnose and treat the condition.


Bruxism is the medical term for grinding your teeth. Many people will suffer from bruxism at some point; it is often a symptom of stress and can sometimes be a side-effect of other medical conditions and of some prescription medications. As well as grinding your teeth at night, bruxism can cause you to clench your teeth during the day. Repeated clenching and grinding of your teeth can wear them down and can cause other problems, including jaw pain and headaches.

In many cases bruxism goes away on its own, but untreated it can cause damage to the teeth and surrounding structures. Due to Paul's special interest in this area, many dentists refer their patients for treatment for bruxism. Remedies can include mouth guards to wear at night and identifying and treating the underlying cause.

Other jaw conditions

We successfully diagnose and treat a wide range of other jaw problems, including displacement of discs, which is common and usually harmless, but can cause the jaw to lock; muscular tension causing jaw ache; and joint problems such as arthritis.

If you have pain or discomfort in your jaw, don't delay seeking treatment. Contact the practice today or ask your dentist to refer you to find out how we can help.

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