Metal braces are not the only option for patients who want to straighten their teeth. At 61 Dental in Stockport we believe that subtlety is key when it comes to adult teeth straightening, which is why we offer both fixed and removable orthodontic appliances that are highly discreet – as well as highly effective.

metal-bracesLots of adults dream of straighter teeth, but many are put off by the thought of having to wear metal “train-track” style braces. However, 21st Century orthodontics are designed with discretion in mind, meaning that it is now possible to improve the alignment of your teeth without a glint of metal in sight. What’s more, many of these appliances work far more quickly than traditional braces do, too.

Stockport braces and aligners

Come into 61 Dental Stockport for a teeth straightening consultation and your dentist will conduct a thorough clinical examination to determine the type and amount of correction you need. This will determine whether fixed braces or removable aligners will be the best treatment option.

Depending on your clinical situation, your Stockport dentist may recommend:

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth are braces with a difference; although they are fixed to your teeth for the duration of treatment, few people will notice them because they comprise clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. This means they will be largely invisible in day-to-day life.

These braces also act far more quickly than their metal counterparts. Again depending on your clinical situation (the type and amount of straightening needed) typical treatment times with Quick Straight Teeth braces are between four and 24 weeks.

Inman Aligner

A reliable alternative to fixed appliances, the Inman Aligner is a single appliance that works very quickly to correct issues with the front teeth. This aligner can be used to treat crowded, crooked, or protruding front teeth, as well as cases of adult relapse.


For more extensive correction, our Stockport dental practice also offers treatment with Invisalign. This treatment involves the use of a series of clear, removable aligners, which gradually move your teeth into a better position. You change your aligner every fortnight as your teeth move.

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A cosmetic dentist has many ways to brighten up your smile. At 61 Dental in Stockport we offer a full range of cosmetic treatments, and your cosmetic dentist will work with you to find the perfect solution to suit your needs.

cosmetic-dentistThe biggest cosmetic dental complaint in the UK is about the colour of people’s teeth. Some 64% of UK adults are dissatisfied with their current tooth colour. If this applies to you, a consultation with a Stockport cosmetic dentist is the first step to giving your smile back its natural, beautiful lustre.

When you come into our Stockport dental practice for a consultation, the first thing your cosmetic dentist will do is to establish the nature of your tooth discolouration. It may surprise you to learn that the biggest cause of discoloured teeth in the UK is visible dental plaque. This isn’t just an aesthetic issue; plaque is bad news for your health, because it causes both tooth decay and gum disease. These cause a host of problems, and can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

If dental plaque is the cause of your tooth discolouration, you need to see a dental hygienist. They can remove all traces of plaque with a professional tooth clean, and can also provide you with information on how to improve your home brushing and flossing routine to make sure plaque stays away.

Even those with good oral hygiene can find their teeth become stained by a range of lifestyle factors, including drinks such as red wine or coffee, habits such as smoking, and as a side-effect of some medications.

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment in the world, and is an effective way of combating everyday tooth stains. So long as it is provided by a cosmetic dentist, it is entirely safe and reliable.

At 61 Dental in Stockport we offer two options for teeth whitening: home whitening, or power whitening here in the clinic with a cosmetic dentist.

We can also help with permanent tooth stains at our Stockport clinic. Your cosmetic dentist can use porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of a permanently stained/discoloured tooth.

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