Putting you first – having braces in Stockport with 61 Dental

At 61 Dental, we love our work. We think this is particularly important when offering a service like dentistry as it means that we take great care of people who come to us for assistance. Any issue that affects the way you look or your health can leave you feeling vulnerable and out of control if it is difficult to fix by yourself. We are here to help you with everything from your routine appointments to something more extensive like braces in Stockport.

braces-in-stockportHow long will your treatment last?

Braces take a while to work even if you only need minor treatment. They also entail multiple visits to our clinic in Stockport. Braces also need to be integrated into your life during this time. In order to make this easier, we give you as much information as possible at the outset so that you can make plans. This includes how long your treatment will take, how often you need to visit and what will happen each time you do.

Everyone is different and the body is never 100% predictable but with the skills and experience of our team at 61 Dental, we can offer you a reliable schedule and continue to update you throughout the process if it looks like there will be any changes.

What will it feel like?

Moving teeth creates sensation for you – this is unavoidable. However, we do our best to prepare you and to make changes as gently as possible. When you do experience discomfort, you can take ordinary painkillers to alleviate your symptoms. They will fade quickly as your body gets used to the pressure applied by your braces. If you are particularly concerned about this aspect of treatment then talk to your dentist when you get braces in Stockport.

Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth

Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth are two of the dental brands that we work with. They provide custom made braces for you. Your practitioner can discuss the merits of each with you to see if they will be suitable. In the meantime, you can check out their websites to see the great potential that they have for patients. This may help you to prepare any questions you want your dentist to answer.

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