Cosmetic dentistry can fix a number of aesthetic issues affecting the shape, colour and size of your teeth. It can improve the look of dull or discoloured teeth, address unsightly gaps between your teeth, as well as restore the appearance of chipped, cracked or severely worn teeth.

cosmetic-dentist-in-stockportAt 61 Dental, we are dedicated to giving you the smile you’ve always wanted using the various cosmetic treatments that our experienced cosmetic dentist in Stockport provides. No matter what state your teeth are currently in, we offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry options to transform your smile. Here are just two examples of the treatments we offer and how they can help you.

Teeth whitening

Are you tired of hiding your smile because you are worried about exposing your yellow teeth? Tooth discolouration can result from drinking coffee and wine, smoking or simply as a natural effect of ageing. At 61 Dental, we offer two popular teeth whitening services to help you restore your pearly whites: at-home and in-clinic professional teeth whitening.

At-home teeth whitening can be completed within one or two weeks in the comfort of your own home, with the aid of whitening trays and a bleaching gel. In-clinic teeth whitening with Zoom technology can whiten your teeth by up to several shades in less than an hour. Both treatments are safe and effective when carried out under the care of our cosmetic dentist in Stockport.

White fillings

Dentists have traditionally used metal fillings to treat cavities. These fillings are notorious for their unattractive colour. You can now replace your old metal fillings with white composite fillings. With our cosmetic dentist in Stockport, white composite fillings will blend into the background of your teeth for a more natural look. This is because they can be colour-matched to your existing teeth.

Contact us

At 61 Dental in Stockport, we are always eager to answer any of your questions about our cosmetic dentistry services. Simply give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to seeing you at your first consultation, where we will listen to your dental needs and expectations. Working together, we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

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Would you like to straighten your teeth but the thought of having conspicuous metal braces is holding you back? If the answer is yes, then we have alternative solutions for you.

invisible-braces-in-stockportNowadays, when it comes to teeth straightening you have a lot of different options besides metal braces. At 61 Dental in Stockport, we appreciate that fixed metal braces are not particularly well-suited to a professional adult lifestyle. That’s why we are pleased to offer more discreet treatments for aligning your teeth.

Explore your options for aligners and braces in Stockport

At our Stockport dental practice we offer Invisalign clear aligners and Incognito lingual braces. Both treatments have their advantages and are suited to different types of tooth misalignment. Here’s a quick look at what each of these subtler solutions for teeth straightening have to offer.


Invisalign straightens your teeth using a custom-made series of clear aligners.Your dentist will carefully plan out how each aligner will shift your teeth along to their final straighter positions.Wearing the aligners and replacing them ever two weeks, will gradually move your teeth into place.

Invisalign is removable, which means the trays can be taken out for eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth. Invisalign can treat gaps between your teeth, moderately crooked and crowded teeth as well as cross bites. However it can not treat the most severe cases of tooth and jaw misalignments.


Incognito braces, also known as lingual braces, are one of the most discreet teeth straightening treatments available today. They are fixed on the tongue side of the teeth, virtually out of sight. Similar to metal braces, they are connected by a wire that helps move your teeth into their final positions.

Incognito braces may require longer treatment times compared to ceramic or traditional braces.Treatment can take anywhere from 18 to 36 months. These braces can treat a wide range of issues, but are not appropriate for every dental condition. Our experienced dentist will help you determine whether this treatment will be the most effective one in your particular case.

Find out more

To learn more about your unique dental needs and your treatment options with braces in Stockport, please get in touch with 61 Dental today.

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Your vision for your smile will be unique, just like you. When you visit 61 Dental, we will help you to articulate your idea of the perfect smile so that we can match it with our treatments and give you the look you want. We can also offer advice on combining treatments for an overall impact that is greater than the sum of its parts.

At 61 Dental, Stockport, cosmetic dentistry is something we use to bring out the beauty in your smile.


Studies have shown that people show a preference for symmetry and find it more attractive. When you have cosmetic dentistry in Stockport, we will help you to balance your smile in a way that can enhance your self-confidence. We also understand that people want changes that appear natural and blend well with the other features of their face and take into account factors like their age and skin tone.

How does it work?

Different treatments work in different ways.

Cosmetic orthodontics focus on realigning your teeth and closing gaps. This is achieved through gentle pressure that is applied to the teeth using some form of braces.

Veneers are thin, hard covers that fit over the top of your existing teeth in order to make them appear perfect. This might mean a slight change in size, covering a stain or introducing uniformity to your smile by getting a full set of veneers.

Teeth whitening works on certain stains to mitigate or remove them. A treatment can lighten your teeth by several shades. Some patients want a teeth whitening treatment to finish off other dental work. This can achieve a dramatic impact for a wedding or other special occasion.

Choosing one of these or another treatment is something your practitioner can help you with when you have cosmetic dentistry in Stockport.

Confidence comes from you

Once you have given your smile the beauty treatment, you can tap into your well of confidence and step into the world in a different way. Knowing that you look great, or relieving yourself of the burden of self-consciousness about a certain aspect of your look, can be liberating. Getting this extra boost means putting yourself into the world in a different way, whether you are at work, socialising or spending time with loved ones.

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At 61 Dental, we love our work. We think this is particularly important when offering a service like dentistry as it means that we take great care of people who come to us for assistance. Any issue that affects the way you look or your health can leave you feeling vulnerable and out of control if it is difficult to fix by yourself. We are here to help you with everything from your routine appointments to something more extensive like braces in Stockport.

braces-in-stockportHow long will your treatment last?

Braces take a while to work even if you only need minor treatment. They also entail multiple visits to our clinic in Stockport. Braces also need to be integrated into your life during this time. In order to make this easier, we give you as much information as possible at the outset so that you can make plans. This includes how long your treatment will take, how often you need to visit and what will happen each time you do.

Everyone is different and the body is never 100% predictable but with the skills and experience of our team at 61 Dental, we can offer you a reliable schedule and continue to update you throughout the process if it looks like there will be any changes.

What will it feel like?

Moving teeth creates sensation for you – this is unavoidable. However, we do our best to prepare you and to make changes as gently as possible. When you do experience discomfort, you can take ordinary painkillers to alleviate your symptoms. They will fade quickly as your body gets used to the pressure applied by your braces. If you are particularly concerned about this aspect of treatment then talk to your dentist when you get braces in Stockport.

Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth

Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth are two of the dental brands that we work with. They provide custom made braces for you. Your practitioner can discuss the merits of each with you to see if they will be suitable. In the meantime, you can check out their websites to see the great potential that they have for patients. This may help you to prepare any questions you want your dentist to answer.

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Have you ever noticed the power of a heartfelt smile and how contagious it is? A smile can brighten someone’s day and make both the giver and the receiver feel good for hours. If you find yourself reluctant to smile because you are less than happy with the appearance of your teeth, why not think about consulting a cosmetic dentist in Stockport?

cosmetic-dentistry-in-stockportThere are so many different elements available to cosmetic dentists that can help you to transform your teeth into a smile that you will want to find more reasons to share. Teeth whitening is proving to be one of the quickest and most popular ways to give yourself a boost. Teeth whitening is suitable for anyone who has all their own teeth, as the process will only work on natural tooth enamel. With care, the benefits of the treatment will last for six months or more.

Normal wear and tear

As modern dentistry helps to improve our general dental health, more of us are keeping our own teeth into later life. Even if we have the best oral health regime, as we age our teeth are naturally prone to wear and tear, which is becoming more common. This can be caused by a number of factors such as drinking sugary or carbonated drinks, eating, or bruxism (tooth grinding). If you are suffering from bruxism you may be fitted with a special guard to wear at night. Tooth wear can normally be treated fairly simply and quickly, but more extensive restorative treatment may be necessary if problems are left untreated.

We also have many patients looking for a cosmetic dentist in Stockport to find out about having their amalgam fillings replaced with white fillings. Modern white fillings are both functional and much more aesthetically appealing compared to traditional amalgam fillings, and are suitable as new and replacement fillings for our patients.

Taking the first step to a better smile

If you would like to know more about a brighter smile, come in to have a talk with the team here at 61 Dental in our modern dental practice based in Stockport.  Cosmetic dentistry is one of the best ways to improve your self-image and confidence, and you can be sure that we use the latest advances in dental technology to help us create the smile you’ve always wanted.

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Do you have the smile that you’ve always wanted, or do you think there’s room for improvement? We all know how great it feels to smile,unless you feel self-conscious.  Are you reluctant to smile because your teeth are not as straight as you would like? Having teeth that are protruding, crossing or gappy can affect your confidence and make you feel tense and anxious about smiling. If you’re less than happy with your smile braces may be the solution for you.

braces-in-stockportHere at 61 Dental in Stockport, braces are a treatment that many adults are now choosing.

New technology and materials mean that tooth straightening is now a discrete and virtually painless process.

Making the right impression

If you have been put off the idea of improving your smile because of the inconvenience of traditional metal braces, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that alternative methods are now available. Clear braces are designed to resolve a range of orthodontic issues discreetly,so now you can have the smile you have always wanted.

There are numerous benefits from having straighter teeth.Improved self-confidence may be the immediate benefit, but better long-term dental health and hygiene will keep you smiling for years to come. Straighter teeth and a better smile are now an exciting possibility for adult patients here in Stockport. Braces have come a long way in the past few years and now you too can embrace the idea of a straighter, healthier smile.

Giving you more to smile about

Here at 61 Dental, we are committed to dental excellence, so if you feel that you want to make the best of your teeth, come for an appointment at our modern practice here in Stockport. Braces are one of the ways that you can commit to your long term dental health by ensuring that your teeth are well aligned and your bite is corrected, reducing the possibilities of a number of dental health problems in the future.

We use the latest technologies, including digital x-rays and miniature intra-oral cameras to assess your teeth, use of these technologies is all included in your initial consultation fee. After your initial assessment, we will create a recommended treatment plan based on your personal preferences. We will also provide a written report in more complex cases.

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At 61 Dental, we are here to guide you through the many options available to you to improve your smile. A cosmetic dental treatment is one where the result will change the colour, size, shape or position of your teeth to a more aesthetically pleasing effect. It may also have a fringe benefit in terms of your oral health, but this will not be the main goal.

cosmetic-dentist-in-stockportWhen you visit the cosmetic dentist in Stockport at our clinic, they will talk to you about the range that is available.

How do you know what to have?

You may already have an effect that you want to achieve in mind. Perhaps it has been featured in the media or recommended by a friend. That’s great. Let your cosmetic dentist in Stockport know and they will begin to fill you in on the finer detail of treatment. They can tell you what to expect, how long it will take, roughly how much it will cost, and if there are any alternatives that might achieve the same effect. Once you have all this information then you can make a decision about what you would like to have. If you’re not sure at all, then that’s fine too. They will be able to make recommendations.

Long term or short term?

The treatment length depends on what you want to have done and how extensive the required work is. Your cosmetic dentist in Stockport will be able to give you a clearer idea of how long it will take when you have your initial consultation.

As a rough guide though, something relatively simply like whitening can take just an hour if you have it done in clinic. There is also an option for home whitening that takes a couple of weeks.

Veneers cover imperfections or stains on your teeth. This typically takes two appointments,that are around two weeks apart, to complete.

Longer term treatments include teeth straightening. This starts from as little as 12 weeks, but is more likely to take six, months to a year. Dental implants can take at least a few months to complete and perhaps as long as 18 months to two years if you need preparatory work.

The best way to get the answers you need is to make an appointment for consultation with 61 Dental. We look forward to meeting you.

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We all like to have options and, with regards to braces, there are plenty out there. When it comes to making the choices, it can be really useful to have some guidance on what is best.

braces-in-stockportDuring a visit to your dentist, they can help you sort out all the information. When it is time to pick a method, you will be able to feel confident that you have made the right choice.

How your dentist can help you?

When you choose a dentist like 61 Dental, Stockport, braces are just one of the areas in which they are skilled. Dentists train for a long time and, when they go out into the world to practice, the learning does not stop. All dentists are members of the General Dental Council, which requires them to prove that they are undertaking continuous professional development.

On top of this, at 61 Dental, we undertake additional training, so that we can carry great teeth realignment brands like Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth. Their intensive training courses mean that we know all the benefits and challenges of any particular method. This means that we are able to recommend the right solution for you.

What are your needs?

You may already know what you want and what you don’t want. We will listen to all your preferences and try to meet your needs as closely as possible. If you’re not sure, then that’s ok too. We know the right questions to ask to get the information required to make recommendations.

You might prefer a very discreet solution that does not affect the look of your teeth during treatment. Maybe budget is your main concern. Talk to us and we will make your priorities our goal when we are working with you.

Why choose braces in Stockport at 61 Dental?

We look forward to assisting while you get your braces in Stockport. It’s always a reasonably long-term treatment, so we will have plenty of chances to get to know you. We can offer a comprehensive service that addresses many of the common patient concerns. Many patients are reassured by our strict attention to detail when it comes to hygiene and to patient care and privacy. Our friendly staff will help you relax from the minute you walk through the door.

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When you visit the cosmetic dentist in Stockport, you are looking for that special something to make your smile stand out.

cosmetic-dentistAt 61 Dental in Stockport, cosmetic dentists are waiting to help you find the treatment that will transform your smile and maybe even your life. Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to be all about covering up your existing teeth with prosthetics. There are many other ways your caring team at 61 Dental can help you upscale your smile. Let’s take a look at the UK’s most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment.

For brighter, whiter teeth

Your cosmetic dentist in Stockport can offer you two different ways to whiten your teeth. This is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment in the UK for people who don’t have any artificial teeth or veneers in their mouths. If you do, this treatment is not suitable for you because whitening only works on natural tooth enamel.

Our two whitening systems are:

  • With power whitening, you come to see our cosmetic dentist in Stockport. While you relax in the dentist’s chair, you will be wearing a protective barrier to protect your gums and lips. Your teeth will be immersed in a tray of power whitening gel, which is activated by an ultraviolet light. After about an hour, your teeth will be several shades lighter. Power whitening is a great choice if you have an invitation at short notice to an important event where you need to make an impact.
  • If you prefer to take your whitening at a more relaxed pace, we also offer an at-home whitening system. This is more effective than off-the-shelf at-home treatments because it features a whitening tray custom-made to fit your teeth so that as much whitening gel as possible comes into contact with them. The whitening gel is less concentrated than the power whitening gel, making it safe to use on your own. For this reason, you will need to wear the tray for several hours every day in order to see your teeth become a few shades lighter over the course of a couple of weeks.

To find out more about how teeth whitening can brighten up your appearance, why not pop in to see us, have a chat and make an appointment? We love talking about how we can help our patients.

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Amidst the bustle of Christmas preparations, people are quietly thinking about what they want to achieve in the coming year. New Year’s resolutions are a powerful tradition for personal change. Common areas that people focus on are moving house, changing jobs and improving their health and wellbeing. More and more of us are choosing a subtler form of confidence lift: our smile. In Stockport, braces are a great way to get that beautiful smile.

straighter-teethPeople who have actively suppressed their smile because they were ashamed of their wonky teeth, find themselves smiling so much more often when they have invested in having their teeth straightened. The knock-on benefits are wide-ranging. People find themselves making unexpected new friends, having smoother interactions in daily life and simply grinning at people on the bus or train.

If you see your issue as being crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth, but without the more serious problems of a misaligned bite (the way your jaws meet together), then at 61 Dental in Stockport, braces are available in various systems to straighten them:

  • Invisalign is a system that uses clear resin moulds that fit snugly over your teeth and gently nudge them along a journey to their desired position. The great benefits of Invisalign is that the aligners are very thin and almost invisible, and they are also removable, for cleaning and eating.
  • The Inman Aligner is designed to straighten crowded or protruding front teeth, and is a great choice if you plan to go on to have these teeth veneered. The nickel titanium coil springs power two aligner bows that gently oppose each other, guiding the teeth into their new position. These gentle forces are active over a very large range of movement, which is why the Inman Aligner works so quickly.
  • Quick Straight Teeth works only on the front six ‘social’ teeth for mild misalignments. The fixed braces use clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires that make the braces almost unnoticeable. The braces use minimal force, reducing discomfort to a minimum.

To find out more about braces in Stockport, why not pop into 61 Dental for a chat and an initial consultation?

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